TteMt Award for young & forward-thinking talent in estuarine management and technologies

12 December 2023

Throughout 2024 the editorial board of the Estuarine Management and Technologies (EMT) journal will be accepting nominations and applications for the Trailblazing Talent in Estuarine Management and Technologies (TteMt) Award, meant to recognise, support and encourage young scientists and engineers at the forefront of cutting-edge research in estuarine management and technologies.

The inaugural award marks the beginning of a tradition that aims to inspire and motivate young talent to excel in their contributions to the field. One of the primary goals of the TteMt award is to create a network of skilled and forward-thinking professionals who are not only proficient in their respective disciplines, but also possess the visitation and determination to lead to a transformative change.

By focusing on interdisciplinary scientific work, the TteMt award recognises the complex nature of estuarine systems, which require a multi-faceted approach to understand and manage efficiently. This emphasis on collaboration across disciplines encourages a holistic perspective, allowing awardees to tackle the complex challenges facing estuarine environments.

To apply or be nominated, candidates need to be under the age of 45 at the time of the (self-)nomination; and be either first or corresponding author of an unpublished scientific work (i.e. Research paper, Review article, Mini review or Rapid communication) that falls within any of the scientific disciplines provided in a long list that itself serves to demonstrate the multi-faceted nature of estuarine management and technologies, while encouraging a comprehensive and collaborative approach to address the challenges facing these critical ecosystems. Successful candidates will also need to have provided a recommendation letter from at least one renowned expert in the field with a different nationality.

From 2024 on, each year will conclude with the selection of three outstanding candidates who will receive the TteMt award. Their works will be published in EMT, while the awardees will be publicly announced on the journal website and recognised in the next editorial. The coverage is to include the personal profiles of the successful candidates and the reasons for their selection. TteMt certificates will be officially presented during a virtual or in-person award ceremony held within a relevant academic conference, where the awardees will be invited to share their insights at an oral presentation.

“This leadership is crucial for driving innovation and progress in estuarine management ultimately leading to improved outcomes for both the environment and the communities that depend on these ecosystems. Through mentorship, collaboration and recognition, the TteMt award program seeks to empower young scientists and engineers, equipping them with knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to actively shape the future of estuarine management and technologies. The program’s impact is expected to resonate far beyond the individual awardees, influencing the broader scientific community and, ultimately, benefiting the health and sustainability of estuarine ecosystems worldwide,” comment the editors.


You can find more information about the Trailblazing Talent in Estuarine Management and Technologies (TteMt) Award and the full application requirements on the EMT journal website.


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